Central Hall in Duncombe St print


I painted the orginal of this as a prize for a fundraising event held in Septemeber 2021. These are high-quality prints created from that original painting. It's a fabulous old bulding that celebrated its 85 anniversary in 2021.
The House With the Blue door drawings come from my love for the coast in Lincolnshire. I draw every day in my sketchbooks using watercolours and inks. My drawing style is unique. It’s very loose, sketchy and full of colour. I like people to look at my work and see something that brings back memories. I also do sometimes go on tour and paint other areas of the country.
My style is really informed by my years of being a calligrapher as you can see in the sweeps of white and black ink on my paintings.
The name The House with the Blue Door comes from the name of my historic chalet on the Humberston Fitties near Cleethorpes.
These high-quality prints are available in four sizes – small (A5 21x15cm), medium (A4 21x30cm) and large (A3 30x42cm), as well as postcard print.

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