Seafront sunset print


High-quality fprint of a watercolour and ink painting of Cleethorpes seafront at sunset.
The House With the Blue door drawings come from my love for the coast in Lincolnshire. I draw everyday in my sketchbooks using watercolours and inks. My drawing style is unique. It’s very loose, sketchy and full of colour. I like people to look at my work and see something that brings back memories or reminds them of this lovely area of the country.
All of my paintings are created in watercolour and ink in a sketchbook, in which I paint, draw and write every day. My style is really informed by my years of being a calligrapher. These high-quality prints are available in 3 sizes – small (A5 21x15cm), medium (A4 21x30cm) and large (A3 30x42cm)

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